About Veterans Healing Initiative


Veterans Healing Initiative is the nation’s only non-profit group dedicated to helping veterans access treatment for substance abuse and trauma. Through our network of treatment programs, veterans with little or no insurance or who don’t have VA benefits can find help immediately. Your tax-deductible donation makes it possible for these men and women to receive care.

Our programs offer veterans a full spectrum of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and trauma related to combat, sexual assault, depression, anxiety or anger. Treatment centers in our network also offer help for addiction to prescription painkillers, which frequently result from treatment of chronic injury and pain. These programs offer veterans comprehensive care, from detox to inpatient, intensive outpatient and sober living. They offer alternative pain-management therapies to help veterans live healthier lives.

VHI raises funds to address four critical areas related to treatment for addiction and PTSD:  to provide funding for treatment for veterans without VA benefits, medical insurance or without access to the level of care needed; to expand treatment capacity of existing veteran treatment programs; to fund development of new veteran treatment programs within clinically qualified dual-diagnosis treatment centers and to fund peer-to-peer mentor programs which are a critical component of the recovery and reintegration process for our veterans.

If you need additional information about our mission please contact us at:

Email usinfo@vetshealing.org